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About Keyword Density Checker

Key-word Density Checker is a tool constructed completely for the purpose of calculating the key-word density of any web page.

The dev group at Small search engine optimization tools created the tool after locating out that some entrepreneurs were nevertheless stuffing their content with loads of key phrases even without realizing it. This left their web sites suffering as Google does no longer want you to cram your content material with key phrases unnecessarily.

This tool solves that hassle flawlessly. It lets in you to research either a whole internet web page the usage of its URL or a piece of text with the aid of copying and pasting.

The most effective approach of calculating key-word density is commonly to divide the variety of instances a selected key-word is mentioned in a textual content with the aid of the total wide variety of phrases inside the textual content, after which multiply the end result by using a hundred to get your percent.

But our keyword Density tool does extra than calculating keyword density. It truely checks for and analyzes all the top keywords used at the page or text this is being analyzed, and suggests you the subsequent metrics for higher seo performance and powerful content optimization:

1. The entire number of key phrases on that page.
2. The web page load time, if you're studying a URL.
3. A tag cloud, detailing all the key phrases used on the analyzed page or textual content.
4. Pinnacle key phrases used within the content, their frequency counts, and signs displaying whether or not or not the key phrases have a 
    title, description, or .
5. Key-word density for each key-word or phrase used inside the examined content material, inclusive of their frequency of utilization and 
    percentage of utilization. These calculations are broken down over descending tilts of 1-word keywords, -phrase keywords, 
    3-word keywords, and four-phrase keywords.
   This type of sophisticated analysis lets in you to without difficulty outline and come to be familiar with the share and sum of keywords 
   used within your content.


The usage of our free online key-word density calculator is as easy as simply clicking  buttons in  simple steps:

Step #1: in this page (keyword-density-checker), that's in which you're right now, input the URL of the page you need to research. Or, choose “text” to paste your content if the piece isn't yet posted online.

Step #2: click on “check” to run your request.

Once you've completed that, our key-word density analyzer will right now retrieve all the key-word records out of your internet site or piece of content material and show them in a tabular layout.

And remember, you may use this tool to research not just your very own net pages, however that of your competition also to get an idea of what they're doing.