Stay Ahead of Competitors in 2020 with These 3 Trends

Stay Ahead of Competitors in 2020 with These 3 Trends

Stay Ahead of Competitors in 2020 with These 3 Trends

Since the search engines are getting smarter especially Google, there are more chances for the SEO champs to top up their websites and enjoy the lucrative outcomes. If you are a white hat SEO practitioner, Google is on your side if you are doing it right. Nowadays, more progressive techniques can be initiated that allows in driving enough traffic. Finally, the SEO champs have finally admitted that mobile responsiveness is not only the plus point for SEO but it's one of the most important factors to consider if you are willing to get your website ranked on top.

According to the community of Digital marketing and SEO, here are a few really Effective SEO practices you need to keep up with if you are intending to lead the organic rankings;

HTTPs: The Web Standard Now

It’s mainly an additional protocol implemented in order to ensure that the website remains safe when the pages is accessed across the internet. As per the indication from Google Security blog, the visitors will get to see the non-secure sign in the Chrome v56. If you are willing to lead the market, you must keep up with the latest standards that are all about promoting legitimate SEO practices. Therefore, just make sure to update the protocol because it will integrate the additional safety the will keep your website from the hacker.

Accelerated Mobile Page (AMP)

If you are a regular SEO practitioner, you must have noticed this option of AMP in all the major SEO Audit tools like Regant365 and SEO Tools Algorithms, etc. It's all about transforming your website into a responsive theme so that it can load much more quickly in all the mobile devices accordingly. Although the AMP trend was introduced by Google at the end of 2018, most of the SEO giants didn't follow it initially. But after sometimes, when they saw the outcomes, responsive sites just bashed up the entire mania. 

Ironically, the Accelerate Mobile Pages gone associated with the ranking boost and the mobile responsive websites also get indexed quicker. So why shouldn’t you go for the mobile responsive website?

Machine Learning and Voice Search

Even though it's about two different algorithms but since these are associated with the search options, let's take this into one umbrella. In Google Algorithm, Rank brain and Hummingbird are added recently that actually help contextualize new and existing search queries. According to the machine learning setup, few relevant broken works are enough to make it clear to the search engines what you are exactly looking for. 

For instance; you are looking for an Affordable mobile phone in India, you can simply write "cheap phone USA" and it would be enough for Google to understand what you are up to. Moreover, Google has also introduced a voice search. 

If you are somewhere outside and willing to eat some Italian food. Just speak in the Google Voice Search Option, "Italian Restaurant Near me". Through your GPS, it will detect your location and also recommend the closest Italian Restaurant near you. SO just make sure to enter the most relevant words to your keyword optimization so that your site can get easily ranked for the keywords that your target audience usually searches for.


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